Holiday Busk for Charity

Crazy Wisdom Tea Room, 114 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan

This new event is based on "Holiday Busk for Charity" created by Irish musician and really good man, Glen Hansard, who has gathered a number of Dublin musicians together every Christmas Eve for the last few years to raise money for Simon Community--a homeless shelter in Dublin, Ireland. Over a dozen Michigan acoustic music performers will be gathering at Crazy Wisdom on December 23rd to "busk" outside and inside the store on behalf of "Lost Voices" (, a group of folk and blues musicians who help at-risk boys and girls find healing by inviting them to reach into their deepest feelings and ideas, then express them in music. I'll be performing with my friend, Bill Edwards, and others inside the store from 8-8:25. Many other wonderful musicians, including Kitty Donohoe and Josh White, Jr. will be performing throughout the evening.

Visit for performance schedule.