March for Reproductive Rights

Federal Building, E. Liberty, downtown, Ann Arbor, MI

Event timeline: •11AM Sticker sales and sign making tables open. •Noon-12:45ish: speakers including! -Representative Debbie Dingell -PPMI & PPAM CEO Lori Carpentier •12:45-1:30: music performances by Judy Banker, Phil McMillion, Shannon Lee and Jerry Mack •1:30ish-2:30: march through town and campus We must protest AGAIN to save our reproductive rights. Nationwide event launched by Women's March. SCOTUS reconvenes October 4th, Kavanaugh, Barrett, et al need to hear a thundering roar across the country just before. A national protest may do nothing to change Republicans but it may cause a Supreme Court Justice or two to pause and consider their decisions more carefully.