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  1. Born Again


If I play my cards just right
I can make my escape tonight
Fake my death on a foggy track
Hit the road never look back

On the road you're not near
Don't have to pretend to hear
Empty talk about lessons learned
Cheating hearts or that cheek
I'm supposed to turn

Ch: Long as I'm moving I can't go wrong
Keep on cruising town to town
Long as I'm moving I feel no pain
Born again in the passing lane

Should have made a safer bet
What you take is what you get
Got real good at putting up
Keeping myself from saying too much

I'm way younger than I feel
Sitting here behind this wheel
Running lines I coulda said
Words better off left for dead


Nothing to do but go
Nothing to say I don't already know
Nothing's all I left behind
Nothing ahead but some good I might find.