Your new album, Buffalo Motel, is incredible. Your turn of phrase & melodic hooks are infectious... My biggest hope is that this work finds a broad audience.Congratulations Judy. This is the real deal. ” - Jerry Wanek, Emmy Award Nominated Production Designer (Dark Angel, The Andromeda Strain); Current Producer/Director/Production Designer of the CW's "Supernatural"


Described as “…one of the brightest stars on the acoustic music scene by PULP online and “a monster singer-songwriter” by SEMIBluegrass, Judy Banker is known for her hook-driven songs with intensively personal, evocative lyrics, and her singular, expressive voice. 

A longtime fixture on the Ann Arbor acoustic music scene (performing with Michigan folk legend Jay Stielstra for over a decade), Judy emerged as a solo artist and songwriter in 2014, releasing 3 well-received full-length albums in six years. Judy’s first release, Without You, a raw folk-country acoustic project, is at turns a celebratory and heart-wrenching ode to love and loss with the recent passing of her husband and lifetime musical partner, John Sayler, and her beloved sister, Barbara. She went on to pen a dozen new songs for her acclaimed sophomore pure Americana release, Devils Never Cry (2016), a testament to love and life’s unexpected turns expressed with high lonesome dobro, fiddle, and close harmonies.  In 2019 Judy released a single, “Blessed Be The Nation”, a poem written by Pete Seeger and Jim Mussleman in 1964 that had never been set to music. Judy composed music for the poem with the exclusive permission of the Seeger family estate to help spread the “people not profits” message of the poem via free downloads of the song (free download available on this site's "Pete Seeger Project" page.) 

Taking a quantum leap with her most recent full-length album, Buffalo Motel (2020), Judy moved into expansive, atmospheric alt country/indie rock territory. Dubbed by Current Magazine (2020) “a big sounding record…a hybrid of Americana, folk-rock and tender balladry…momentous, and ruminative”.  She assembled an All Star group of Michigan artists to be part of the project including multi-instrumentalist David Roof (who doubled as recording engineer at his studio, Rooftop Recording) guitarist Tony Pace and drummer Brian Williams (both of Cold Tone Harvest),  bassist John Sperendi (Flying Latini Brothers) and pedal steel player Alan Pagliere (Dixons, Cadillac Cowboys) along with her son, Ben Sayler, as producer.    

Back in the studio again (Rooftop Recording) Judy is working on a new single, “After It Ends”, with David Roof (engineer/producer and multi-instrumentalist) and John Sperendi (producer and bassist) to be released in spring 2021. 

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Her music is available for streaming on all major platforms. 

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Buffalo Motel

Judy Banker

Released in January 2020, Buffalo Motel features an atmospheric, layered big sky sound with Judy's signature melodic turns and evocative lyrics surrounded by soaring electric guitar and pedal steel licks, driving rhythm and subtle harmonies.

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Extended bio & PRESS


Extended BIO

On her new album Buffalo Motel Americana singer-songwriter Judy Banker checks into an expansive, layered and atmospheric sound that transcends traditional acoustic country and folk roots. Driving drum and bass tracks, hook-driven instrumental intros and breaks, and innovative arrangements push Banker toward a countrified indie rock territory that lies somewhere between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Kalispell, Montana.  The songs on the album—her third studio recording—show Banker flexing a raw, gritty songwriting muscle to weather a series of intense emotions through different relationships and life events.    

She poetically chronicles love’s rise and decline at several points in time throughout Buffalo Motel’s 12 intimate sonic tales. The Americana-tinged opener, Born Again, magically meshes uplifting banjos, slide and electric guitars, and rhythmic percussion to rejuvenate the soul and escape a stifling relationship in the “passing lane.” The album’s title track longs for a fleeting, passionate love that’s evaporated from the present day, but lingers in the mind years later. Hypnotic acoustic and slide guitars eloquently capture the melancholy of what’s lost while Banker’s hopeful vocals anticipate a return. 

Another poignant “Buffalo Motel” track includes Haggerty, a tale of heart-wrenching loss emphasized by Banker’s emotional vocals intertwined with deep-tone guitars and bass that echo fear and despair. At the opposite end of the sonic spectrum lies Homecoming Day,  Banker’s beautiful, timeless ode to a love’s long-awaited arrival against an outlaw country sonic backdrop. With her son Ben Sayler as creative producer, Banker pushed her musical boundaries to transform “Buffalo Motel’s” initial country folk songs into more colorful, textured indie rock vistas at Rooftop Recording. 

Banker also collaborated with a roster of talented Michigan musicians on Buffalo Motel to make it bigger than the sum of its parts. David Roof (multi-instrumentalist, killer harmony singer and Rooftop Recording engineer), Tony Pace (electric guitar, dobro), John Sperendi (electric and upright bass), Brian Williams (drums) and Alan Pagliere (pedal steel) added new layers to realize the potential of each song. Together, they spent part of 2019 steeped in fireplace bourbon sessions while creating the “Buffalo Motel” tracks until the right sound, feel and experience emerged. 

While Banker explores new musical territory on Buffalo Motel her previous Detroit Music Award-nominated releases, Devils Never Cry (2016) and Without You (2014), reflect a classic Americana sound with touching stories about love, loss and growth. Devils Never Cry followed a country-rich feel with warm love songs, lamentations and narratives that uncovered her own life experiences. Meanwhile, the raw heartfelt debut Without You dealt with the loss and remembrance of Banker’s husband and long-time musical partner, John Sayler, in 2012. 

As a psychotherapist, Banker explores the use of words to help release internal experiences and connect with others. Her early days of writing poetry and journaling morphed into composing introspective song lyrics that channel her insights and forge fruitful relationships with fans. Banker combines those compelling lyrics with traditional country instruments – acoustic guitar, dobro and banjo – and weaves them with the dirty, gritty buzz and spacey vibe of an electric guitar or lap steel. 

She translates that countrified indie rock musical vision to the live stage at Michigan-based venues like The Ark, Johnny’s Speakeasy, the Farmington Civic Theater, Mama's Coffeehouse, and Trinity House Theatre as well as the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Nor East’r Music Festival, Harvest Gathering, Holler Fest, the Rosalie Sorrels Music Festival in Idaho, and Arts, Beats, & Eats.  

"Judy Banker is...a premier songwriter with universal appeal. A singular unique talent and stage presence...that is organic and soul-driven, Banker writes songs with a more creatively complex vision. Her new CD, Devils Never Cry, is a complete compendium of the twists and turns anyone might face, turned into a delightful and at times heart-weary mix of cautionary tales and tonics for the troops. Several of the songs on this could be considered classics."  
Pulp Magazine Online,  Michael G. Nastos, 88.3 WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, Founding member & Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award, Southeast Michigan Jazz Association 

"Ann Arbor singer/songwriter, Judy Banker, writes songs rooted in vintage country style. Torch songs rife with intrepid melodic lines that twist and turn in delightful, unexpected ways, yet stay true to the genre. Her voice, tangy and bright as fall cider, brings to life articulate, arresting songs of lost love and the perfidy of human nature. Reminiscent of Loretta Lynn and Rose Maddox, Judy Banker's music remains contemporary, rich in everything the modern listener appreciates about old-time country music."  Maggie Ferguson, host of WXOU's The Old Front Porch Radio Show and Live! From the Living Room Acoustic Showcase 

“The lyrics of Judy’s songs sound effortless and conversational and then you realize as you’re listening that your eyes are hot and something warm is running down your face. You’ll want to listen to this album (Without You) many times…you’ll surely feel more alive.“ Johnny Williams, owner of Johnny’s Speakeasy, Ann Arbor, MI

“Judy Banker...a monster singer/songwriter talent… Classic folk-style guitar…remarkably rich and nuanced. With a flexible voice that moves from a sultry tenor to a crystal clear soprano depending on the mood of the song, melodies flow seemingly effortlessly from her as she sings. It’s also great to see how much fun Banker has on stage. Find an opportunity to go see her, you will love every minute of it.”  John Bayerl, 



Judy Banker Band L to R:  Brian Williams, John Sperendi, Judy Banker, Alan Pagliere, Tony Pace, and David Roof  performing at the Trinity House Theatre, Livonia, MI

Judy Banker Band L to R: Brian Williams, John Sperendi, Judy Banker, Alan Pagliere, Tony Pace, and David Roof performing at the Trinity House Theatre, Livonia, MI