From the recording Blessed Be The Nation

This is a recording of Pete Seeger and Jim Mussleman's poem, "Blessed Be The Nation", set to music (with exclusive rights granted by the Seeger estate) by Judy Banker. Recorded by David Roof, sound engineer, at Rooftop Recording, Grand Blanc, MI and Willis Sound, Willis, MI. Released in December 2019. Musicians: Judy Banker- lead vocals, guitar; David Roof-background vocals, guitar; Billy King-banjo, background vocals; Emily Slomovits-fiddle, background vocals; w/ background vocals by: Jose Arias, Cathy King, and Ben Sayler.


BLESSED BE THE NATION by Pete Seeger and Jim Mussleman, 1964
Cursed be the nation of any size or shape
Whose citizens behave like naked apes
And drop their litter where they please
Just like we did when we swung from trees.

But blessed be the nation and blessed be the prize
When citizens of any shape or size
Can speak their mind for any reason
Without being jailed or accused of treason

Cursed be the nation without equal education
Where good schools are something that we ration
Where the wealthiest get the best that is able
And the poor are left with crumbs from the table.

Blessed be the nation that keeps its waters clean,
Where an end to pollution is not just a dream
Where factories don’t blow poisonous smoke
And we can breathe the air without having to choke.

Cursed be the nation where all play to win
And too much is made of religion, gender & skin
Where we do not see each other as sister and brother
But as being threats to each other.

Blessed be the nation with health care for all
Where there’s a helping hand for those who fall
Where compassion is in fashion every year
And people not profits are what we hold dear